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Watch: David France Discusses “How to Survive a Plague” on DocTalk

Here’s our DocTalk segment featuring filmmaker David France setting up and discussing the story of How to Survive a Plague, one of the must-see documentaries of this year. As I keep writing, this chronicle of the crusade for AIDS treatment is also the most moving film of the year. It’s currently playing on seven screens, including those in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, L.A. and NYC, and it starts in Dallas, Houston and Miami this Friday.

I encourage you to see it if you can; it hasn’t taken in a whole lot at the box office yet, and that’s a shame. I know it’s often a sad film, but it’s more often an uplifting one. Hopefully the video above will influence you to check it out. You should also read my own in depth interview with France and producer Howard Gertler here.

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