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Watch: Joseph Garner Discusses “Craigslist Joe” on DocTalk

Hitting DVD tomorrow is the new documentary Craigslist Joe, a first-person film of the sort I label “life-experiment doc.” Like Morgan Spurlock with Super Size Me or non-director Jeb Berrier in Bag It, it involves a guy who temporarily changes his life in order to prove a point related to an issue. But for filmmaker Joseph Garner (an associate producer for the Hangover movies), the issue doesn’t appear as simple as the dangers of fast food or plastic bags and bottles.

Instead, inspired by the depressed economy and increased usage of social media, he decided to document his attempt to travel the country entirely supported by what and who he could find on Craigslist without depending on any money or friends of his own.

Above is a DocTalk segment featuring Garner talking about his film, which is already available On Demand and through iTunes. I haven’t yet seen the doc, but I am interested in the question he asks regarding the potential social advantages and disadvantages of social media on our ability to connect with one another in the real world.

The clips from the film included in the segment indicate that Garner experienced enough of the positive side and met enough people who could help him get by and provide him with good stories to share. He talks about one of these stories, which should be of interest to fans of reality shows about hoarders.

You can read and see more about Craiglist Joe, which is presented by Zach Galifianakis and produced by Eve Marson Singbiel (Bigger Stronger Faster*) in my earlier post on the trailer and visit the film’s website.

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